The New Orleans Pelicans Rebrand: Two Thoughts

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I was reading about the New Orleans Pelicans redesign.  Some thoughts:

1. Bobcats back to Hornets.  The Bobcats are terrible.  My take is that in the next big management overhaul sale of the franchise to someone who can run it well, they bring the name back as a way to bolster excitement, sell jerseys, and season tickets.

2. Franchise Predictions.  I have nothing to do with this.  I was reading Hornets247 and they had a bunch of funny predictions:

French Quarter Flyers: No name change necessary! Once the fans who are all “meh” will realize that Pelicans can fly they’ll start to come around. Do you know how many other NBA teams can fly? Hawks, Rockets, Wizards and Magic. And only one of those can do so with ease. Which brings me to…

Fly With Us: An easily adaptable slogan to move season tickets. This is catchier than the current “This is our ___” slogan, could lead to a partnership with an airline and allows the team to put that Anthony Davis Final Four billboard back up but add feathers under his arm. Or eyebrow as wings? Options!

and even better

Fan on the Pole: Imagine a tall pole on all four corners of the court. About as high as the shot clock. Before every game four fans win the opportunity to watch the game from the Pelican Position. Is it safe? Are the poles secure? Will it be a distraction to the players? Don’t know. Will it be fun to pretend you’re a pelican while watching the Pelicans. Uh, yeah.

Pistol the Pelican: In the event that the name Hugo goes the way of the Hornet, what if we named our Pelican “Pistol” or “Pete”? Wouldn’t we still have the coolest mascot in the league if this happened?

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